simple Thai typing and transliteration


I have decided to tentatively release the first alpha version of TypeThai! (Warning: it does not always work as expected and is extremely buggy. Use at your own risk.)

Please read the EULA before downloading.

Visit and get the latest version. Currently mac only.

1st Installation

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Copy the file to /Library/InputMethods folder (this will require administrative privileges and will ask for a password).
  3. Open System Preferences from the Apple Menu and choose "Language & Text".
  4. Find TypeThai in the list and select it (if it is not there, log out and then back in again).
  5. Now you can turn on TypeThai from the keyboard selection menu.
  6. After this, TypeThai should notify you about further updates and install them automatically, but they will still require a password.
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